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Michael Vick Pit Bull Rescue by Brandon Bond All or Nothing

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Michael Vick Pit Bull Rescue by Brandon Bond All or Nothing Michael Vick's Fighting Dogs Now Safe With "International Tattoo Artist of the Year"! Michael Vick may be doing time, but three of his dogs are free at last, and enjoying their first taste of living in an Atlanta based foster care program. The home of the Atlanta Falcons is also home to the All Or Nothing Rescue , founded by world renown tattoo artist Brandon Bond. The organization has already rescued more than 200 pit bulls from all around the Southeast. So far, the Michael Vick dogs are adjusting to their new lives better and faster than Bond and his organization even expected. All or Nothing rescue works closely with the Georgia SPCA and are combining forces to insure the safety and training of these gorgeous animals. The expenses of rehabilitating the dogs, at least one of which was heavily scarred from fighting, will be paid by the convicted former Atlanta Falcon. Michael Vick has been court ordered to cover the costs related to the rehabilitation of the surviving dogs removed from his property after a large dog fighting ring was discovered in 2007. According to Brandon Bond, who manages to take time from being one of the world's most sought after tattoo artists to save Pit Bulls, these "bully breeds" are nearly always immediately euthanized after being confiscated from the people who fight them, even though he says he has not met a single one that did not turn into wonderful, loving pet. "Rescued dogs are the most loyal animals on earth, they are thankful just to be fed", says Bond. According to Brandon Bond, the Michael Vick dogs will be in foster care for several months and then will be available for adoption through a and no pictures or video will be released until Friday at 9 am. For more information contact: Brandon Bond 2569 S. Cobb Dr. Smyrna, Ga. 30080 Phone: 770.435.9966 All Or Nothing Tattoo Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue We will be releasing video and photos of these three dogs Friday morning (Jan 25th) as there is a federal gag order in place until final sentencing at 9 am. We will also be displaying the dogs and photo and video footage of there rescue FRIDAY MORNING @ ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO AND PIERCING STUDIO , SMYRNA GEORGIA for any interested press. Members of the GA SPCA and Brandon Bond and his team of rescuers will all be available for questions and interviews. Please contact us immediately for any other information. ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO 2569 South Cobb Dr. Suite A Smyrna, GA 30080 (770) 435-9966


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Michael Vick Dogs Rescued!
Hey all, just wanna take a moment to promote this...Now That the Press Conference is over, There is going to be lots of broadcasts on the news about Brandon Bond, saving the Michael Vick Dogs...

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