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Dusty the cat gets saved, thanks to the internet. Abused cat rescued.

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Witness a milestone moment in internet history. The internet has seen a lot of animal abuse videos, but this is the first time the internet saw an abused animal, said "not this time", and rescued it. The internet spent Valentine's Day 2009 raging at the abuse of Dusty at the hands of the evil glennspam1, who uploaded videos of him and a friend beating up their pet cat. Most people could only sit and watch as a seemingly unidentifiable boy got away with abusing a defenceless cat. Registering their disgust across the internet was not enough for some people however, and they searched the internet high and low for any clues that would help identify glennspam1. Several suspects were found using an array of impressive means, but it seemed impossible to confirm any of these suspects, until somebody spotted that glennspam1's bedroom could be seen for a fleeting moment in one of the abuse videos. Enough links could be made between that bedroom and the bedroom in one of the suspect's photos to provide convincing evidence that we had found the cat abuser. Using more internet trickery, the cat abuser was found to live in Lawton, Oklahoma, and eventually his exact address was found. The police were contacted, our suspicions were proved to be founded, the boys were arrested and DUSTY WAS FREED :) Dusty is now at the vets and will stay there until the investigation is over. Thanks to all the amazing detectives and internet super sleuths who went above and beyond the call of duty to save Dusty. They did this for no reward (indeed, they will always remain Anonymous), no reward but for the satisfaction of saving a cat and giving the internet some peace of mind.


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The Internet Saves Dusty The Cat!
Here's the story; some dumbass posts a youtube video of himself abusing his cat (please don't link it), a digger finds it and posts it up. The message spreads like wildfire and within mere hours, ..

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