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Lena - a cappella - Satellite - Goldene Kamera 05.02.2011Lena - a cappella - Satellite - Goldene Kamera 05.02.2011 (Video)
8 posts
Lena - a capella ^^ - `Satellite` - und wieder hat es geklappt als Erster für Lena-Fans dieses Vid zu uploaden :o))
voxenstopp - Gefällt mir []voxenstopp - Gefällt mir [] (Video)
8 posts
Mehr Infos auf Was wären wir ohne den nicht-enden-wollenden Strom total wichtiger Informationen aus dem Leben unserer Freunde und der Personen, die wir versehentlich im Suf..
Lady Gaga - Judas Mash Up (Bad Romance, Poker Face, Judas)HEAVY  PITCHEDLady Gaga - Judas Mash Up (Bad Romance, Poker Face, Judas)HEAVY PITCHED (Video)
6 posts
Includes: Bad romance Poker Face Judas Download -
Undisclosed Desires - Muse Cover - by Hana-liUndisclosed Desires - Muse Cover - by Hana-li (Video)
5 posts
This is an a capella cover of the Muse song "Undisclosed Desires". There is beatboxing for the drums and a bass on certain parts, both performed by Forrest Conner, and all of the other instruments (st..
On The Floor (Cover Version) - Stephen JarveOn The Floor (Cover Version) - Stephen Jarve (Video)
4 posts
My version of "On The Floor", love the song so much! Changed a few little bits but not altered it too much. All vocals by me, recorded on the Samson Go Mic. Enjoy & please leave a comment.

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